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History of the Chalk 4 Squad

In 2002 a plan was made by two military veterans to form a tactical and teamwork-focused PC gaming squad in the Delta Force: Black Hawk Down arena. The two veterans had a common bond. One of service to their country and held values that are the cornerstone of members of the Armed Forces. They joined forces with another former military member who was the leader of one of the most respected teams in DF2. That team was Red Cell (^RC^). He brought with him a member of ^RC^ who was one of the most deadly CQB fighters around. Thus the former Team Six (TM6) was born. More members joined, many of which were former or current military members and some were what we termed as "extreme" civilians who by their nature and talent made a definite impact on the direction of the team.

The team changed its identifier to Chalk 4 (-C4-) in early 2003. The team moved on to Joint Operations, then Battlefield 2, then back to Joint Ops: IC.  The team focus moved away from its more competitive roots around the time it moved to Battlefield 2.  In 2007, the squad gave Call of Duty 4 a run as it entered the Modern Warfare arena.  That game (and its assorted mods) kept the team occupied for a few years.

By 2010, looking for gameplay closer to our team-oriented roots, the squad began playing Battlefield: Bad Company 2.  While not perfect, it was a hit with the team and we've mostly stuck with Battlefield games since for the squad's primary game.

Through all the game and personnel changes, the team's commitment to each other remained consistent.  On April 15, 2011, Chalk 4 and its long-time ally, oZ Squad, decided to combine ranks under the Chalk 4 banner. This brought two great gaming families together to make Chalk 4 even stronger.

In addition to being teammates, the members of Chalk 4 are above all friends. We strive to know each other well and remember that family always comes first -- and that the game is just a game.